MRF-46-BRITISHVI British Virgin Islands 4″ x 6″ Staff Mounted Rayon


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PRICING IS PER FLAG. MININUM ORDER OF 12 FLAGS. The flag of the British Virgin Islands was adopted by Royal Warrant on 15 November 1960 after the islands were made into a separate British colony. The flag features a defaced Blue Ensign with the Union Flag in the canton, and defaced with the coat of arms of the British Virgin Islands. The coat of arms, which date to the early nineteenth-century, features Saint Ursula holding a flaming gold oil lamp and surrounded by a further eleven lamps, which represent her 11,000 virgin followers. The islands were named after these virgin followers by Christopher Columbus when he discovered the islands in 1493.

4″ x 6” rayon flag mounted on a 10” black plastic staff with a gold spear tip, base sold separately.

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