MRF-46-ANTIGUABARBU Antigua & Barbuda 4″ x 6” Staff Mounted Rayon



The national flag of Antigua and Barbuda was adopted on February 27, 1967 to mark the achievement of self-government. The design is a red field with an inverted isosceles triangle based on the top edge of the field pointed toward the bottom edge of the field bearing the horizontal tricolor of black, light blue and white with the rising sun centered on top of the black band. The rising sun symbolizes the dawning of a new era. The color black is for the African ancestry of the people; the blue for hope; the red for energy or life of the people. The successive coloring of yellow, blue, and white (from the sun down) also stands for the sun, sea, and sand. The blue also represents the Caribbean Sea, and the V-shape is the symbol of victory.

4″ x 6” rayon flag mounted on a 10” black plastic staff with a gold spear tip, base sold separately.

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