BAHAMAS-STRING Bahamas 12″ x 18″ Triangular Polyethylene Pennant String – 105′


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The national flag of the Bahamas consists of a black triangle situated at the hoist with three horizontal bands: aquamarine, gold and aquamarine. Adopted in 1973 to replace the British Blue Ensign defaced with the emblem of the Crown Colony of the Bahama Islands, it has been the flag of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas since the country gained independence that year. The colors of the flag carry cultural, political, and regional meanings. The gold alludes the shining sun – as well as other key land-based natural resources, while the aquamarine epitomizes the water surrounding the country. The black symbolizes the “strength”, “vigor, and force” of the Bahamian people, while the directed triangle evokes their “enterprising and determined” nature to cultivate the abundant natural resources on the land and in the sea.

String length: 105′
Individual triangle pennant size: 12″ x 18″ each
Material: polyethylene

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