SF-1218-ARIZONA Arizona 12′ x 18′ Nylon Flag with Rope and Thimble


Arizona 12′ x 18′ outdoor nylon flag with rope & thimble.


The lower half of the flag is a blue field, the upper half divided into thirteen equal segments, six light yellow and seven red. In the center of the flag is a copper-colored five-point star. The red and the blue are the same shades as the flag of the United States of America, and it measures four feet high and six feet wide. The flag was designed by Charles W. Harris and first sewn by Nan D. Hayden. Blue and yellow are the Arizona colors, and red and yellow the colors of the Spanish Conquistadors headed by Coronado who first came to Arizona in 1540. The copper star represents Arizona as the largest producer of copper in the nation.

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