SIZE 10: Code Signal Individual & Full Sets

Signal sets come complete with canvas heading and brass grommets or nylon rope distance lines with ash toggles. Both choices are listed below for each flag. Signal complete sets come complete with 40 flags which includes; 26 alphabet flags, 11 numeral pennants and 3 substitutes. All 40 flags are double lock stitched and constructed of 100% Dupont® Nylon Material which is specifically designed for adverse weather conditions. For larger size signal flags and sets, please inquire.

Flag Size: 4×4′
Pennant Size: 2 2/3′ x 6′
Substitute Size: 2 2/3′ x 4′

Nautical Flag Information
The system of international maritime signal flags is a way of representing individual letters of the alphabet in signals to or from ships. It is a component of the International Code of Signals.There are various methods that the flags can be used as signals:
• Each flag spells out a letter of an alphabetic message.
• Individual flags have specific and standard meanings; for example, diving support vessels raise the “A flag” indicating their inability to move from their current location because they have a diver underwater.
• One or more flags form a code word whose meaning can be looked up in a code book held by both parties. An example is the Popham numeric code used at the Battle of Trafalgar.
• In yacht racing and dinghy racing, flags have other meanings; for example, the P flag is used as the “preparatory” flag to indicate an imminent start, and the S flag means “shortened course”.

A Alpha – I have a diver down; keep clear and pass at low speed.
B Bravo – I am loading, unloading or carrying dangerous goods.
C Charlie – Yes (confirming a preceding signal).
D Delta – Keep clear, I am maneuvering with difficulty.
E Echo – I am altering course to starboard.
F Foxtrot – I am disabled, communicate with me.
G Golf – I require a pilot. On a fishing vessel: I am hauling in nets.
H Hotel – I have a pilot on board.
I India – I am altering course to port.
J Juliet – I am on fire and have dangerous cargo on board; keep clear.
K Kilo – I wish to communicate with you.
L Lima- You should stop your vessel immediately.
M Mike- My vessel is stopped and making no way through the water.
N November – No or negative (in response to a preceding signal).
O Oscar – Man overboard.
P Papa – I am about to put to sea.
Q Quebec – My vessel is healthy and I request clearance to come into port.
R Romeo – Single letter code R has no allocated meaning.
S Sierra – I am moving astern under power.
T Tango – Keep clear, I am engaged in trawling.
U Uniform – You are running into danger.
V Victor – I require assistance.
W Whisky – I require medical assistance.
X X-ray – Stop carrying out your intentions and watch for my signals.
Y Yankee – I am dragging my anchor.
Z Zulu – O require a tug. On a fishing vessel: I am laying nets.
AP/CF – Answering Pennant/Code Flag. Flown to the end or acknowledge a message and/or show that the international code flags are being used.
0 to 9 – Pennants indicating numerals.
FS – First substitute (for the first flag in the hoist).
SS – Second substitute (for the second flag in the hoist).
TS – Third substitute (for the third flag in the hoist).

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