MRF-46-CONGO-UN Republic of the Congo 4” x 6” Staff Mounted Rayon



The national flag of the Republic of the Congo was adopted in 1959 to replace the French Tricolor. It was the flag in 1970, when the People’s Republic of the Congo was established. The new regime changed the flag to a red field with the coat of arms of the People’s Republic in the canton. This version was utilized until the regime collapsed in 1991. The new government promptly restored the original pre-1970 flag. The colors of the flag carry cultural, political, and regional meanings. The green symbolizes the agriculture and forests of the Congo, while the yellow represents the “friendship and nobility” of the Congolese people. However, the symbolism behind the red was left unexplained.

4″ x 6” rayon flag mounted on a 10” black plastic staff with a gold spear tip, base sold separately.

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