FW-3X5NIRELAND Northern Ireland 3′ x 5′ Nylon Flag



The “Ulster Banner” was the official name given to the former Government of Northern Ireland flag (a Red cross with a red hand, a six pointed star, and a crown). This flag is commonly referred to, especially by unionists, as the “Red Hand Flag” or as the “Ulster Flag” (not to be confused with the provincial Flag of Ulster). In 1924, the Government of Northern Ireland was granted arms by Royal Warrant and had the right to display these arms on a flag or banner. This right was exercised for the Coronation in 1953. Between 1953 and 1972, this flag was the arms of the Government of Northern Ireland and commonly used during this period as a de facto civil flag. It ceased to have official government sanction when the Parliament of Northern Ireland was dissolved by the British government in 1972.

3′ x 5′ nylon flag with white canvas heading and brass grommets for outdoor use.

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