MRF-46-BRAZIL Brazil 4” x 6” Staff Mounted Rayon



The Brazilian flag is bright green with a yellow diamond in the center filled with a blue globe. Within the blue globe are some stars – 27 to be exact – and a white banner with the country’s slogan: Ordem e Progresso, which means Order and Progress. The green field and the yellow parallelogram are from the previous imperial flag, though slightly modified in hue and shape, the green represented the House of Braganza of Pedro I, the first Emperor of Brazil, while the yellow represented the House of Habsburg of his wife. A blue circle with white five-pointed stars replaced the arms of the Empire of Brazil – its position in the flag reflects the sky over the city of Rio de Janeiro on November 15, 1889, the day of the military coup d’état that established the First Brazilian Republic.

4″ x 6” rayon flag mounted on a 10” black plastic staff with a gold spear tip, base sold separately.

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