FW-115-5X8FINLAND Finland 5′ x 8′ Outdoor Nylon Flag with Heading and Grommets


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The flag of Finland, also called Siniristilippu (The Blue Cross Flag), dates from the beginning of the 20th century, and is ultimately modeled on the Danish flag, the Dannebrog. It features a blue Nordic cross on a white background. Blue represents lakes and the sky, and white represents snow and the white nights of the Finnish summer. The state flag has a coat of arms in the center, but is otherwise identical to the civil flag. The swallow-tailed state flag is used by the military. The presidential standard is identical to the swallow-tailed state flag but also has in its upper left corner the Cross of Liberty after the Order of the Cross of Liberty, which has the President of Finland as its Grand Master.

5′ x 8′ nylon flag with white canvas heading and brass grommets for outdoor use.

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