SFI-203-COLORADO Colorado 3′ x 5′ Indoor Flag


Colorado 3′ x 5′ indoor nylon flag with pole sleeve & gold fringe.


The state flag was adopted on June 5, 1911 by an act of the General Assembly. The colors used in the state’s flag are symbolic of certain geographical features of the state. The gold stands for the abundant sunshine that Colorado enjoys. The white symbolizes our snow-capped mountains. The blue stands for the clear blue skies in Colorado while the red represents the ruddy color of much of our state’s earth. The flag was originally designed by Andrew Carlisle Johnson in 1911. The precise colors of red and blue were not designated in the 1911 legislation and some controversy arose over these colors. On February 28, 1929, the General Assembly stipulated the precise colors of red and blue as the same as the national flag. Controversy also arose over the size of the letter C and on March 31, 1964, the General Assembly further modified the 1911 legislation by revising the distance from the staff for the letter C and its diameter. Citations: Senate Bill 118, 1911; Senate Bill 152, 1929; Senate Bill , 1964.

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